A new identity platform

built for API security & privacy

Focus on building great applications. Leave us all the hassle of establishing user identity, controlling API access, and ensuring user security and privacy.

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SecretSky API Privacy Firewall

  • Enforce identity-based policies on API calls, based on scope.
  • Ensure API usage preserves privacy.
  • Apply elevated authentication and consent.
  • Open up API for legacy systems with strong security & privacy controls.

SecretSky CIAM

  • End-to-end customer identity management platform.
  • Securely store user credentials and PII.
  • Incorporate customer consent into the workflow.
  • Provide frictionless customer experience.

Open Banking

Easily and securely open up banking APIs, while complying withPSD2,GDPR.

Application Developers

Build customer-facing applications with no coding for user authentication,while providing a frictionless user experience.

GDPR Compliance

Enable identity-driven data access and sharing.

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